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How To Grow Your Business In A Consistent And Predictable Way

So it all starts with knowing who your audience is knowing your, your avatar, that's the buzzword that's out there. What is it that you do that your audience will pay you money for? So the big question is, why should somebody spend money with you as opposed to your competitor or do nothing at all?

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Why Should Someone Do Business With You, As Opposed To Your Competition?

I talk to business owners every day that tell me they’ve tried marketing in the past and it didn’t work. One Chiropractor told me that he “ran some ads on the radio” for a month and didn’t get a single phone call. I asked him what the radio ad’s message was, and it became very clear why he didn’t get any calls.

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Strategic Marketer Says, “Ads Don’t Work” 
 (Until You Understand And Have 5 Things In Place First)

But here’s what’s wrong with that concept for you. When a vendor or sales person says, “Buy ads or buy media space from me,” they’re missing some vital elements.

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What Kind Of Fisherman Are You? | Online Marketing Fishing Nets

Let’s determine what kind of fisherman you are and what kind of fishing you want to do. There’s a correlation to this example and to marketing and then to advertising. But there’s no sense talking about advertising until we know this. I want to determine if you’re the type of fisherman that is satisfied with using […]

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